Topics Camera Club
Monclova Ohio

About Topics Camera Club

The History of TOPICS Camera Club

In November of 1963 Frank Hyter placed an ad in the Oregon News asking anyone interested in photography to meet at Eastmoreland Pharmacy. Each person was to bring one slide for judging. We met in the storeroom, using chairs, boxes and cartons as seats. After the success of the first meeting the group met again in December, January, February and March. Each person brought a slide for judging. This created a lot of interest. The decision was made to organize a club and everyone was asked to submit a name. The group decided on TOPICS Camera Club, meaning Toledo Oregon Photographers In Color Slides. On April 5th, 1964, we officially became a camera club. We charged 50ยข each meeting and did not have a membership list. Beginning in June, 1964, we paid yearly dues of $6.00 and kept a list of members. We soon outgrew the space in the pharmacy and moved to the conference room at the Farmer's Savings Bank. We met at the Rossford Library from 1972 through 2004, except for brief periods of renovation when we met at the Woodville Mall or Way Public Library in Perrysburg. The Perrysburg location is where we now meet.

TOPICS Camera Club is affiliated with, and participates in competitions of, The Photographic Society of America. Competitions within the club include five Digital Projection competitions, and five Print competitions along with educational programs and field trips.

Topics Club Constitution